Our Story


Created by ex-Facebooker and longtime female founder, Julia Lam, Tara&Co is bringing fashion and function together for women on-the-go. We’re reimagining products for real women.  Tara&Co creates beautiful accessories that provide both form and function for your everyday life.

Julia is a CEO and professional woman herself.  She initially conceived the idea for Tara&Co when she was fundraising for her last company.  She ran from meeting to meeting to social event and back to a meeting and her shoulder was in pain from carrying a purse with her laptop and all her whole life in it.  However, she wanted to look and feel good, and felt that women were held to a higher standard in dress in business contexts.  Women already raise 6x less money than men on average and are 15% less likely to get a promotion.

After she successfully raised money, she moved to a backpack which was the practical option.  She was comfortable, but never quite felt as sophisticated or professional as she wanted.  And she wanted both.  So Julia created Tara for industrious women everywhere.

Tara&Co’s signature features are highly convertible accessories (accessories you can wear different ways), and a smaller removable clutch built into a larger laptop bag – so you can have one bag for all the moments in life.

Tara&Co and its collections are inspired by and named after trailblazing women.

The name “Tara” is inspired and named after Green Tara, the Buddhist mother goddess who represents action, great strength, and the virtues of success in work and achievements.  We felt those characteristics represented the women we were designing for.

Our first product, “The Tracy,” is named after Tracy Chou, an entrepreneur, former engineer of Pinterest and Quora, and diversity advocate for her work in inclusion and women-in-tech.

We want to empower women to feel sleek and elegant, while also being practical and useful.  We hope to simplify life, so you can focus on what matters.

Tara&Co — Style for your life.


Questions? Send us an email at julia@taraand.co

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